Reen Patterson

Reen Patterson was raised on a small family farm in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.  Reen graduated in 1987 from UMKC with a Bachelor of Science degree.  Although Dental Hygiene provided a living, it did not fill her creative void.  Inspired by an old photograph of her grandparents standing together in the ocean, Reen sculpted and captured that moment in her grandparents’ life.  That sculpture won the “Kansas City Clay Guild Award of Merit”.  This inspired Reen, and the collection grew into the  Her sculptures have been on display in the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and several galleries in Kansas City.

In 2012 Reen has found her way back to the Rocky Mountains.  Her and her husband now live part time in Leadville, CO.  Her sculptures have expanded from just grandparents, to express her passion for the mountain life in Leadville.