True and Simple Wood Stuff

True and Simple Wood Stuff is about making beautiful things that are practical, rustic, fun, and whimsical. They feel good in your hand, look good to your eye, and hopefully a piece or two will touch your spirit. Each piece of wood inspires Alvin, so no two creations are exactly alike. 

True and Simple Wood Stuff is also about enjoying work. Our golden rule is it has to be fun. Period. If it’s not fun we are not going to do it. All of the wood we use is reclaimed hardwood that is heading for the burn pile. Alvin comes home with a pickup load of scraps and we ooh-and-ahh over each piece while we’re stacking it, thinking about what they may look like in a few weeks.  We finish only with mineral oil; no dyes or stains.

Simple, unique, and useful stuff made from reclaimed and rescued hardwoods, inspired by the beauty of Colorado's Front Range.