Tethered to the wild places since childhood, John has walked through life with a camera to his eye, watching for the rarely seen. In the solitude of the chaotic Wild, he is captivated by its random symmetry.  John seeks the outdoors in active weather conditions that would induce other people to seek shelter.  It is in this disorder that John captures sudden moments of order in his photographs, those moments that capture the eye of the viewer, transporting the mind. 

John’s photographic skill results from a lifetime of self-instruction, and by his yearning to learn from the techniques of the masters whose work defines photography of the natural world.  His capture of unexaggerated intimacy are his flatteries to these teachers-by-example.  

John looks for animating moments where the character of a gesture reveals the nature of the animal, or where the breaking of a wave or the flow of the wind suggests the atmosphere of a place unstrained by human clutter. These elegant, subtle, un-staged events of nature are the essence of John’s photographic artistry. 

Own one of John’s images.  Captivate your mind and be transported.