Gina Parthum

Scarlet Rose Designs is the brainchild of Gina Parthum, a Dillon, Colorado based jewelry designer.  Gina creates jewelry inspired by where she lives, the many interesting people she meets in a tourist town, and how she wants to grow as a person.  Jewelry started as a hobby and became a life-long pursuit.  The last year or so has seen many joys and mistakes as she has left behind the crafting world (you can only string beads together for so long) to pursue more creative outlets, such as leather making, stamping, metal smiting and hammering, to name a few. Many more skills sit on the back burner, waiting patiently for their turn to shine.

Gina has been making jewelry since 2007 under the name Gina's Jewels. As she moved forward with her new skills she wanted to recreate her business from the ground up, so Scarlet Rose Designs was born.  Scarlet and Rosey are her two rescued babies.  Scarlet is a curios, nimble sleek black cat who likes to pounce on anyone within striking distance.  Rosey is our cuddly Pug/Chihuahua mix who loves to lay on my lap and snore (or beg for a snack) as I work.  Scarlet Rose Designs has also moved from the "kitchen table" to a working studio!  Its 11.5 x 14.5 square feet of workspace used for no other purpose than to create!  Gina is looking forward to creating an inspiring work area to foster her own as well as others creativity.  

Gina is excited to share her new designs with the artistic world and hopes everyone enjoys wearing her designs as much as she enjoys creating them.