Betsy Duzan

The Voice of Place

Places speak to me.  I search for places that invite me to enjoy peace or ponder mysteries. 

 I search for sounds that invite the listener to ask and reflect, or silence that allows the weary to feel, wonder, heal.  

 I am a seeker and a listener of Place. 

My creative work includes landscapes, tree portraits, and seascapes. Visit my website and read my blog at

My studio is located in Littleton, Colorado.  I love to paint when I travel, so my subject matter varies according to the peaceful places I have access to! I also teach art to children and adults at various locations in the Denver area.  I earned my MFA from the Art Institute of Boston and as a certified teacher I hold endorsements in Art Education and Early Childhood Education.

My paintings are in many private collections, and I have received awards for my oil, acrylic, and pastel paintings at various venues including the Colorado Gallery of the Arts, the Denver Plein Air Exhibit, and Littleton’s Own an Original Show.