Inspired by fishing adventures, whether it’s by catching a shockingly brilliant cutthroat out of Colorado’s gold metal waters or landing a glistening metallic Tarpin out of the Gulf of Mexico,B.A. Dallas blends artistic techniques to reel in the eye of the admirer. Stirred by the fleeting intensity in the palette of aquatic life he has been privileged to encounter on his journeys, Dallas emulates that other worldliness with his paintings.

Simple bold sumi brush strokes capture the critical and dramatic lines of the subject. Acrylics, inks, and resin are the mediums preferred by B.A. because of the color intensities and viscosity. Generally, there is a life force in the colors of fish that cannot be replicated by photo, pen, or paints, only aspired to.  With an appreciation of the European Impressionist and graffiti artist, Dallas uses his Dirty Modern Impressionism to capture the essence of his subjects.

B.A. Dallas lives the legacy of an artists’ family. The pedigree he inherited from his linage started with his world-renowned artist grandfather, Tom Beecham. B.A.’s uncles Greg Beecham and Stephan Bach, aunt Susan Bach, and his parents are all renowned artists. Taught to value the beauty of nature by his family, Dallas wishes to instill a sense of wonder and worth, in respect to the environment, through his artistic expression.

Dallas now resides in Leadville, Colorado, atop the Rockies. His collectors in the mountains are drawn to the soul and fluidity in the indigenous fish he depicts. Series projects allow the artist to explore a subject matter, in various settings, with an intentional approach that B.A. uses to fully engage his viewers. Works range from traditional impressionistic landscapes to more unusual scenes. The famed Apocryphal West series of gunslingers was driven by his ties to the Old West.  B.A. focuses on sharing the enjoyment of coastal living with those close to him. From ten feet of snow to hot Caribbean sands world traveler, sportsman, master distiller, artist B.A. Dallas is extraordinarily diverse in his skillsets.