Amanda Good

Growing up in the mountains of Colorado has led me to paint a somewhat specialized subject matter.  My personal art has evolved to include mountains capes that explore the use of color through the natural light that is ever-present around us.  I worked many years for a backcountry hut system & ski guide and continue to recreate outdoors everyday which feeds both my love for the outdoors and my desire to capture natural beauty on canvas.  

I received my Bachelor's of Fine Arts as well as a teaching license from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO in 2005.  Since then, it has been a journey of expiration and experimentation.  This theme has crossed over into mural work, which has been a joy to gain experience with.

Through teaching art at the Elementary and High School levels, I have been involved in numerous mural projects with youth.  This aspect completes my mission as an artist as it allows me to interact with young artists and contribute to the schools and my community.  I strive to connect adults and children to the extraordinary moments that constantly occur in our natural world through art.